Better manage your cash flow with multi-accounts

3 mins

By MĂ©lanie Alves Lima, June 17,2022

What impressed me most was that you can open an account in just 2 clicks. Not 5 clicks, not 3, but actually 2! When it comes to saving time, it doesn’t get much better than that...
Philippe Brunet - CEO and Founder of Filovent

My business is doing well because we never spend beyond our means. With multi-accounts for each expense, we know there is always enough money for payroll, taxes, etc.
Vera Merx - CEO of Van Veer Doctor Bags

Even if our main activity is GuideDoc, we have many other side activities. Because of this, being able to have several current accounts allows us to have a clear vision of the financial situation of each of our projects.
Victor Correal, Founder and CEO of GuideDoc

Being able to have an intuitive and clear interface that allows you to diversify your money, gives you a completely different user experience.
Victor Correal, Founder and CEO of GuideDoc

MĂ©lanie Alves Lima
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