What are your accounting obligations as a freelancer?

8 mins

By Mark Davis, June 20,2022

🔔 Important: always double-check your invoices once you’ve drafted them, making sure they include the above information. URSSAF (the organization responsible for collecting your company’s social security contributions) carries out regular checks to ensure compliance with accounting laws. You risk a fine of €15 per false piece of information, which could prove very costly if all your invoices contain the same error...

💡 Good to know: if you want to make sure that all your invoices and quotes are in perfect shape (and also that they never get forgotten), we recommend you use specialized invoicing software. If you’ve not found the perfect invoicing tool yet, we might soon be able to help: Qonto’s teams have been hard at work on a feature that may very well interest you. Watch this space...

💡 Helpful Tip: we advise you to present your revenue ledger in table form for better readability. If you receive lots of payments and items of revenue, we recommend you use accounting software to keep them all neatly organized. URSSAF provides a template for the Revenue Ledger on its website.

💡 Good to know: calculating an asset’s rate of depreciation can prove tricky. Yet, in the accounting world, you must be precise. There are various formulae that will help you make the calculation based on the asset’s life span, which varies depending on the nature of the asset. However, given the complexities of the calculation, it’s highly recommended you seek the help of either a professional advisor or accounting software.

Mark Davis
Mark worked for 12 years in broadcast journalism before making the switch to business audiences. A Qontoer since 2021, his focus is on writing copy that speaks frankly and directly to customers.
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