The bank account to simplify your everyday life as a freelancer

Benefit from a current account with full option and a Mastercard card to manage your finances

30 days free trial - Commitment-free

A all-in-one business account, easy to use

A local IBAN in just a few clicks

Mastercard credit cards, plus any payment methods you need on a daily basis

Unlimited transaction history, updated in real-time

No hidden fees, charges for special operations or transfer commission

Your accounting tasks now connected and automated

Link transactions and receipts after each payment

Take a picture of your receipts after each payment. Set your VAT rate to streamline your accounting.

Connect your business finances and accounting

Expenses, receipts, VAT, all information are synchronized in real-time in your accounting tool. This is magic!

Stay always in control of your finances

Get notified on your smartphone

Receive real-time notifications or emails after each payment.

Your finances in your workspace

Find out more about the new intregration Qonto x Slack.

Set alerts et get notified on your favorite channel.

Pay as you grow


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per month


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