How to (better) manage your cash flow with multi-accounts

October 15, 2020 by Mélanie Alves Lima

Qonto, your business and a current account. Today, this is what brings us together. It’s been going great so far, so we wanted to go one step further and help you manage your company’s cash flow.

How would you feel about opening a new current account? 🥳

Let’s take a trip down memory lane...

Think back to the day you opened your Qonto account. What a wonderful day that was, right? The good news is you can relive that day again and again. Well, actually, just a total of five times.

Now, you can create up to five current accounts with dedicated IBANs to manage your company’s cash flow as you see fit.

Best of all, you can do all this in just two clicks—literally!

What impressed me most was that you can open an account in just 2 clicks. Not 5 clicks, not 3, but actually 2! When it comes to saving time, it doesn’t get much better than that...
Philippe Brunet - CEO and Founder of Filovent

Did you just create a new current account? Then the choice is yours!

Rename it, add funds to it, order new cards, download and share your new IBAN, send transfers (almost) instantly between your different Qonto accounts... Simply take charge and ensure that your new account meets your needs.

That’s right; you will feel right at home: your multiple current accounts all have the same functions and features you know and love already.

Multi-accounts, multi-uses 😎

What can multi-accounts do for you? You have undoubtedly asked the question, so we should give you an answer (with your help).

Here are three ways to handle your cash flow like a pro by opening multi-accounts.

#1 Divide to save more 🐷

Like with the little pink piggy bank you filled up every birthday, multi-accounts can help you separate between your expenditures and save some money. No more nasty surprises during tax season or when you have to return a deposit.

My business is doing well because we never spend beyond our means. With multi-accounts for each expense, we know there is always enough money for payroll, taxes, etc.
Vera Merx - CEO of Van Veer Doctor Bags

Time to pay? No need to bust open the piggy bank; you have other options now: set up a direct debit, send a transfer or make a withdrawal, and much more, all directly from your account.

#2 Separate your activities 📦

Does your business have as many activities as you do accounts? Let the Marie Kondo within you shine, and assign an account to each activity. This is the key to complete control over your finances.

Even if our main activity is GuideDoc, we have many other side activities. Because of this, being able to have several current accounts allows us to have a clear vision of the financial situation of each of our projects.
Victor Correal, Founder and CEO of GuideDoc

#3 Allocate budgets to your teams 💰

We understand that nothing beats team work; after all, we take this approach on a daily basis. With multi-accounts, you can share the management of your finances without losing control.

How? By creating a dedicated account for the expenses of each of your teams. You can then provide them with cards to help them manage their budget, all while keeping an eye on everything from your application. Win-win: more transparency for you, and more autonomy for your teams.

👉 Want to know more? Have a look right here.

A new interface for new accounts ✨

For the occasion, your Qonto app has been given a fresh new look! New sections, new icons, new shortcuts... Our teams have left nothing to chance. We have redesigned your interface for even simpler and faster navigation.

Being able to have an intuitive and clear interface that allows you to diversify your money, gives you a completely different user experience.
Victor Correal, Founder and CEO of GuideDoc

Each of your accounts has its own (ID) card: name, bank details, balance.

No more scanning the different sections or clicking here and there to find such-and-such information or complete such-and-such task. You can verify your cash flow situation in the blink of an eye.

Transactions, bank cards, transfers, direct debits... You can check them all in just a few clicks. Need a clearer picture? Feel free to tinker with the filters and select only the elements that matter to you.

Everything has been clearly set up to help you save time!

Psst: This new feature is available starting from the Standard plan. The new interface, however, is available to everyone. 🤩

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