Adveris named digital agency of the year 2020

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By Emma Zamia, June 17,2022

“When a customer sets a media buying budget, we cannot exceed this amount. If we do, we have to cover the difference. We are able to set budget limits directly on the media platforms, but thanks to Qonto, we have a twofold security system. It is impossible to exceed the budget limits set on the Qonto bank accounts.”

“With Qonto’s multi-accounts, managing our customers’ media budgets became so much easier. We created an account for each customer, which enables us to closely monitor the expenses for each one and to always stay under budget.”

“I simply connect Qonto to QuickBooks, and I’m done! My transaction information is sent to my accounting tool, without any additional work for me.”

Emma Zamia
Our Product Marketing Managers have one simple goal: to help our customers get the most out of Qonto’s many tools and features.
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