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40,000 companies have already chosen to ease their lives!

June 11, 2019 by Gabrielle de Perthuis
40 000 entreprises ont déjà décidé de se simplifier la vie !

This article was first published on Medium on March 12, 2019.

Only 20 months after our launch, we attracted more than 40,000 companies, who decided to participate in the business finance management revolution by choosing Qonto.

By simplifying their daily finance management actions, these companies are also choosing a service that European SMEs deserve: digitalized, flexible and secure service.

The number of our clients has doubled in 6 months

This figure has doubled in 6 months and proves that entrepreneurs have a strong demand for online services that are more adapted to their needs and that offer a seamless user experience.

40,000 companies from different sectors and sizes have chosen a simpler and more transparent service than those offered by traditional banks.

Among them, Thomas Piraux, Manager of the breakdown and electrical installation company Addisson, which was founded in 1984.

Every month, Thomas spent hours receiving and accounting for "piles of transaction receipts" brought back to him by his employees after the work sites. Expense claims are a recurrent problem for SMEs because their processing is still often manual.

“At first, I had to do some pedagogical work with my employees who were not used to this kind of service. But it was very fast and they quickly understood the purpose of it: they no longer have to advance their expenses, and I save a lot of time to work on tasks that have more value for my business. I saved time... and money!"

To support this growth, we continue to strengthen our team, which now has more than 130 employees in Paris. These hires will extend our service to three new countries in the next months: Italy, Spain and Germany.

In fact, if you want to join our team, many positions are still open this way!

“Small companies and SMEs need a new banking experience that meets their needs. We are proud to offer this experience to our 40,000 corporate clients and to have met the challenges of hyper-growth: technical robustness, team structure, maintenance of operational service excellence. We are now ready to absorb significant growth, especially internationally."

Alexandre Prot, co-founder and CEO of Qonto

We are proud and happy to have converted 40,000 entrepreneurs to the bank of tomorrow! This is only a start and we are ready to welcome many more in all languages: "willkommen"🇩🇪, "bienvenido" 🇪🇸, "benvenuto" 🇮🇹 !

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