PayFit x Qonto: make peace with payroll ✌️

January 12, 2021 by Clara Perrot

Did you know that salaries account for the majority of your transfers? They’re probably the most time-consuming ones as well, right?

At Qonto, what gets our juices flowing every day—yes, even more so than a notification on our smartphones—is helping you concentrate on your business rather than on managing your finances and accounting.

Last autumn, we launched Connect to enable you to manage all aspects of your business with Qonto. How? Thanks to selected services and partnerships with your favorite apps (which happen to be our favorites too).

On the heels of Slack x Qonto, the collaborative tool to help you manage your budgets easily, our teams racked their brains to find the best solution to help you fully automate your payroll management.

Today, their efforts have paid off: you can now connect your Qonto current account with your PayFit app and pay all your employees in just a few seconds, without delay and error free.

Automatic salary payments via PayFit 🤳

We know that most of you already use PayFit as your preferred payroll software and HRMS (Human Resources Management System). And we can see why, as we share the same values and objective: to simplify your daily life with effective, ergonomic and secure tools.

The end of the month is approaching quickly, and you haven’t even begun to sift through payslips and update your employees’ IBANs. Their salaries may even arrive late, or worse, in the wrong amount. (Just thinking about it is enough to send a shiver down your spine). But no need to fret! History doesn’t always repeat itself.

Now payday is a joyful day for your employees and for you as well. 🥳

By synching your Qonto and PayFit accounts, you can log in to PayFit and pay up to 400 employees with a few clicks, no matter the amount. Payroll management will go from dread to dream (at least we hope so!).

No more switching back and forth between apps to process your payroll. Thanks to this integration, everything you need is in one place.

This way you save time and avoid potential errors.

Im-pay-ccable management follow-up 🥇

Have you opened multiple Qonto current accounts to manage your finances with ease? Great idea! In PayFit you can choose the IBAN for the account you wish to use to pay your salaries.

Once the transfer is sent and your employees have received their funds, you will find your entire transaction history and summary directly on your Qonto account.

Since you’re probably using Connect with your accounting app as well, all data for payroll accounting entries will be reviewed automatically.

→ Discover the tools connected to your Qonto account

Digital payslips and automated salary transfers: stop rushing to catch up on your management tasks. The PayFit x Qonto integration helps you stay one step ahead, so you can focus on the heart of your business and on people, simple as that.

Sounds great, but how does it work? 🤝

If you already have a PayFit and Qonto account, then you know that, before, you had to download the .xml file containing the transfer orders from PayFit, then import it into your Qonto app to send the funds. Hardly convenient...

Today, you can log on to PayFit to synch your accounts. Simply enter your Qonto username and password and confirm.

For each pay period, simply click on Pay salaries, give the amounts and IBANs a once-over, submit the bulk transfer request and your Qonto password. We take care of the rest!

This integration is available to Standard and Premium users. Not yet a PayFit customer? In celebration of the launch of this integration, Qonto customers will receive 2 months free when they subscribe to PayFit.

Are you a PayFit customer looking to open a pro account with Qonto? Take advantage of this connection and get 2 months free if you subscribe to our Premium offering.

Trust and secure sharing 🤫

PayFit and Qonto were practically made for one another, and yet they share only information which is essential to their communication.

What information exactly? PayFit collects information from your Qonto account in a secure manner: all data is encrypted, and your login information is never shared.

Our goal in developing this connection is to simply your payroll management, because saving you time has an impact on your lives as entrepreneurs. Want to share how this tool has changed your life? Need more support to boost your business? Send us an e-mail at

Psst: The PayFit x Qonto integration will initially be made available to companies registered in France, then in Spain. We will keep you informed of any updates!

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