Registered associations, welcome to Qonto

July 19, 2021 by Simon Fevry

You have a passion. You want to have an impact. That's great! This is certainly one of the most noble ways to use your time. Whether you are involved in sport, arts, humanitarianism, education, or animals... you have decided to act, and to realize your project.

You soon realize that for certain fundamental matters, such as applying for grants, making payments, collecting donations or recruiting employees, you need a bank account. And this is where the challenge begins!

Traditional banks are extremely selective, and often with lengthy processes and slow response times. It can take months to set up an account because of additional documents required. In addition, fees are sometimes unclear and even evolving.

Qonto now helps registered associations to make even more of an impact 🤝

This is why Qonto is introducing an online business account for associations! Managers of associations can benefit from our ease of opening an account while being supported throughout the process with reactive human support.

The process is simple, allowing you to open a bank account 100% online within just 10 minutes, managing expectations on required documents right from the start. The benefit? An easy-to-use finance solution, making you and your association independent. No need to travel to your branch 3 times a week, no need to deal with excessive delays for the slightest banking operation.

Concerned about accounting and bookkeeping for your association? We've got you covered by simplifying your receipt management, ensuring everything is stored online, attached to the right transactions.

Most importantly, your Qonto account allows you to collect donations effortlessly as well as make payments using an array of payment methods. Your clear and up-to-date financial data are your best ally when talking to your sponsors and other members about your association's projects. If you are employing a team, benefit from sharing the responsibility in a safe way by allocating them a debit card with pre-set spending limits as well as enabling them to make transfer requests directly authorized by you.

Control the flow of your association and make the best decisions 💡

Centralize your spending, get better visibility and make better decisions, multiplying the impact of your associations.

And if you have any questions, we are there for you, 7 days a week!

Benefit from being able to focus your energy on your mission, generating even more impact.

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