“Our greatest reward is to provide a useful and simple product”

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By Lucie Casamitjana, June 21,2022

“We build our own working methods. We too have constraints close to the big banks in terms of security, compliance, etc. But it is a permanent challenge to transform these constraints into a simple and fluid user experience. We are always looking for more simplicity and in the end this is reflected in the design and the experience we provide to our customers.”

“I love when the time comes to let users know that we have finally found the answer to their problem. They often come back to us to thank us and we see the impact directly on the use of the product. It is our greatest reward, to provide a useful and simple product.”

“The product vision was unique: focused on execution.”

“We must build the ‘foundation’ of a banking institution: be able to technically execute transfers in foreign currency or set up strong authentication, for example.”

“We were three PMs when I joined, today we are eight, soon we will be nine... and we keep recruiting. Now, our product is used by seven times more clients with very different profiles. It meets many banking needs, is more complete and therefore our challenges are different.”

“We are building our own Core Banking System! It's like changing the engine of an airplane!”

“For me, the Product Manager is an intrinsically curious person. He always wants to know more and asks the right questions to analyse the situation.”  

“Our customers are experts in the problem because they are confronted with it every day. Designers and developers are experts in appropriate solutions. Product Managers are there to show empathy towards everyone, collect context, constraints and help our team focus on what is most valuable.”

“The last feature I worked on was to give our customers the possibility to choose a custom separator for their CSV file export.”

Lucie Casamitjana
Our Product Marketing Managers have one simple goal: to help our customers get the most out of Qonto’s many tools and features.
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