Qonto makes life easier for Station F entrepreneurs

June 03, 2019 by Anaëlle Gautier
Station F partenaire Qonto

This article has been published on Medium first on November the 30th of 2017.

1,000 start-ups, 1 finance management solution đŸ’Ș

We have some great news for you! You may have heard of Station F? It is just the world's largest start-up campus that opened this year in Paris. And we are delighted to be their partner in making life easier for residents! 😄

26 support programs, no less!

If you know a little about the French start-up ecosystem, you couldn't miss Station F, a project created by Xavier Niel, who chose Roxanne Varza as the leader. The campus opened its doors in June 2017.

More than an incubator, Station F is a place to live that brings together many start-ups, investors and partners (in the French Tech Central area, you can meet Bpifrance and Business France, for instance.) Within the same space, there is a rich ecosystem!

3 programs have been designed by Station F teams to support entrepreneurs:

  • The “Founders Program”, designed by entrepreneurs to help other entrepreneurs, this is the main program of the site. It includes full-time accommodation.
  • The “Fighters Program”, for entrepreneurs "who had not the same chances in life.” This is a free access to the Founders Program.
  • The “Fellowship”, for those who want to benefit from the ecosystem while being flexible. An office available 5 days a month, to have access to the largest community of entrepreneurs in the world.

In addition to these programs, there are those designed by the site's partners: the Garage Facebook, the vente-privee Impulse and the Numa Scale Hub, to name just three of the 20 existing ones.

In a few months, Station F has become a central place on the French entrepreneurial scene, whose reputation already extends beyond our borders.

Save time and money with Qonto!

The most innovative start-up campus in the world + the business finance management for entrepreneurs: it was the good harmony guaranteed! 🙌

With Qonto, entrepreneurs can focus more on their business and not waste their time on accounting and financial matters.

This is what makes Clément Rouch, CEO of Marmelade and resident at Station F, so happy:

"Thanks to Qonto, no more accounting head scratchers! Being able to attach your receipt to the relevant transaction line saves us a lot of time."

In addition to the Qonto tools, Station F entrepreneurs also benefit from a dedicated promotional offer, which can be found on HAL, the community's intranet.

A partnership which was expected on campus:

"We were looking for a professional banking account that is easy to use. We found it with Qonto! The interface is very fluid and we were able to create cards for the team members in a few clicks. It changes our lives!" Dwayne Iserief, co-founder of Uptale

You are a resident at Station F and you want to simplify your life? Come and visit us here, we are waiting for you! 😉

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