Flash card, your best asset to manage one-off expenses

September 10, 2021 by Amélie Cunha

Have an upcoming business trip, equipment purchase, client meeting or team activity planned? Professional expenses can occur suddenly, at any moment, but your employees don't always have a company card. So what's the best way to handle such expenses?

Current methods are not adequate:

  • Using a personal card leads to expense reports which take time to manage and employees get late refunds.
  • Passing on an existing company card is risky for your account security.

Thanks to the new Flash card, you finally have a fit for purpose solution for one-off expenses. You can allocate a card that will contain the exact budget to match your employee's need. A quick, easy and secure solution.

Flash cards: one-off solutions for one-off expenses

Thanks to its unique settings, a Flash card can be used for any one-off expense. You can allocate a Flash card for a single purchase (like a train or conference ticket) or for several purchases happening in a short period of time (for a business trip for example). The best part? You can create as many Flash cards as you need. Set up, use and done. Once it has served its purpose, it expires automatically.

The two settings that enable its versatility are the allocated amount and the period of validity. For a single purchase, you set one day of use. If the card is to be used for a business trip requiring several payments spread over several days, you set the number of days you need it to be valid for. You can also proactively allocate a budget for temporary contract providers or training budgets, for example.

Once created, the Flash card can be used immediately by the card holder to pay online, in-store or in restaurant (using Apple Pay or Google Pay).

If you need to top up the budget, you can do so during the period of validity.

There's no need to manage the card after the purchases have been made; the card automatically expires at the date set.

With Flash card, one-off expenses are simple and under control.

When can you use a Flash card?

For any one-off expense, from one day to a year:

🏗️ Material purchase

🎁 Client gift

🚒 Transport expense

🚅 Business trip

💻 Software trial

🗣️ Conference ticket

🎉 Team activity

🥗 Team lunch

👩‍🎓 Online course

🧘 Wellness and health

... and many more punctual needs can be funded with a dedicated Flash card!

For you: more control, more efficiency! 😎

✔️ Control: With Flash cards, you can manage the expense by allocating a specific budget. There's no risk of overspending and you know which person is responsible for that expense and whose payment receipt you need to add.

✔️ Security: Your existing card information stays confidential. For each temporary need, you create a Flash card with unique card details.

✔️ Simplicity: No more refund queries to worry about! By attributing a Flash card, there's no expense report. Expenses are set from the card creation.

For your employees: more autonomy, better results! 🕺🏼

✔️ Efficiency: employees quickly obtain a budget to get the job done. They can organize their business trip, invite a client for lunch or buy the supplies they need.

✔️ Peace of mind: no more expense reports to fill in, no more waiting to be reimbursed.

✔️ Engagement: by simplifying your employees' professional expenses, you demonstrate your trust and empower them.

Ready to give autonomy to your teams while keeping control? 😎

Flash cards are only available for our Business and Enterprise plans. For more information, book a demo with our Sales team!

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