How do you make your business ‘future-ready’?

7 mins

By Mark Davis, June 20,2022

Solid foundations make for solid buildings. The tighter your plan at the outset, the easier it will be to chart a course that promotes longevity.

Key learnings
  • Choose your physical location according to the demands and needs of your sector of activity.
  • Don’t be afraid to ‘think big’ and think ‘long term’ when developing your strategic vision.
  • Constantly look to what risks might be on the horizon, whether they’re internal (and that you can avoid) or external (that you can mitigate).
  • Take the time to truly understand your market, your competition and your target audience (both real and ideal).
  • Stay true to your purpose. Make your promise something you can guarantee and prove.
  • Opt for a legal status that fits your sector and then change it if your growth demands it.
  • Stay abreast of tech tools and select those that will save you time and energy.
  • Have trust in your expertise.
  • Join like-minded businesses in a mutually beneficial and complementary community of entrepreneurs.

Mark Davis
Mark worked for 12 years in broadcast journalism before making the switch to business audiences. A Qontoer since 2021, his focus is on writing copy that speaks frankly and directly to customers.
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