Being international at Qonto  

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By The Qonto Team, June 17,2022

"I immediately wanted to be part of the team and contribute to the launch of the Italian market. I was already convinced that the product would be a great added value for companies and freelancers in my country. One year later, the results we have in our market only support my decision".

"From the very first interactions during onboarding, everything is in English. We explain to newcomers that this is a must for better communication and global understanding."

"A lot of practical, administrative or even fiscal information is given at the beginning of the recruitment process in order to reassure and inform the candidate, and this approach is often new to them.”

"My contact from Settlesweet was very competent and flexible, as he prepared several apartment visits with a French-Italian translator to facilitate appointments with real estate agencies. Bonus: the agency fees are paid by the government if you are a foreigner!"

"I arrived in France barely speaking French and I was really shy to practice it with my peers. I started taking French classes at Qonto during lunch breaks where I was able to improve my vocabulary, grammar and conversation regarding cultural and current topics. Plus, it was a great way to make friends!" 

"Qonto is the challenge I was looking for in my career, but their human touch is what struck me the most when I joined the adventure. I was 9,400 km away from my home, but everyone at Qonto immediately welcomed me with open arms and included me in this big family." 

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