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June 11, 2019 by Qonto
Travaillez en équipe grâce aux demandes de virements sur Qonto

This article was first published on Medium on June 26, 2018.

At Qonto, we believe that your team is your company's main resource and that everyone has a role to play to make it the most effective. Feedback from our users and our experience as part of the Qonto team led us to consider the issue of transfer payment requests.

In each organization, several people have occasional or regular needs in terms of transfer payments, but only one person is often assigned to collect and control accounting documents. They must therefore enter and validate the transfer requests of the whole team. But it’s over now... That's why we created the "Requests" function.

This new feature is available to companies with a Premium plan and allows you to delegate the initiation of transfers while keeping control over your company's expenses!

Save time, delegate transfers management to your teams

With the "Requests" feature, your team members can now initiate transfers by filling out a form with all the information required for payment.

Instead of oral or written requests, anyone can now request a transfer, which is placed on hold until an Admin validates the request. You can now save tome by delegating information entry tasks to your teams.

Stay in control of your finances

Each request is subject to validation by the Qonto account holder - or an administrator - of the Qonto account.

This validation system allows you to keep control of your company's expenses and makes your employees more autonomous.

How do transfer requests work on Qonto?

With the "Requests" feature, your employees can initiate transfers that will be validated by the Qonto account administrator.

Here is how it works:

  1. An employee requests a transfer from the "Requests" tab of his Qonto interface, filling in all the information required to make a transfer and adding his or her attachment (the invoice, for instance).
  2. The transfer request is forwarded to the Qonto account administrators (who are notified by email).
  3. This transfer request is awaiting validation by an Administrator in the "Requests" section. It can also be cancelled by the initiator of the transfer.
Demandes de virement Qonto

The administrator can thus see the details of each transfer request and its reason, then validate or reject them by giving reasons for his of her decision if necessary.

Note: Each transfer request can also be cancelled by the transfer initiator.

How do we use the Requests feature on Qonto?

Qonto employees are the first users of this feature. Each employee can initiate transfers that will be validated by the Administrator.

For example, this is the situation of Camille, our Happiness Manager, who organizes a Meetup on our offices:

Camille orders goodies for the attendants. She initiates a transfer to pay the supplier. After entering the beneficiary’s details and a small note to justify the request, it is transferred to the Qonto account Administrator, who validates the transaction request and the transfer is executed.

The "Requests" feature offers a high degree of autonomy to teams and contributes to a more efficient collaboration between a manager and his team. In this case, Camille manages the entire process, from the order to the supplier to the transfer.

The account administrator saves a lot of time:

  • He/she no longer must collect all the invoices of his/her teams
  • He/she no longer must manually add the bank details of all beneficiaries
  • He/she no longer must initiate all the transfers himself/herself

So, how are you going to use the "Requests" function?

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