Why we’re betting on Barcelona for a top-tier customer experience

4 mins

By Panama Harris, June 22,2022

“Thanks to our experts in Barcelona we’ve managed to reduce the wait time on the chat from 4 minutes to 1 minute.”

Jordi Gudiol, Qonto COO

“Barcelona is a rich source of talent that specializes in customer experience. It’s no surprise that tech giants specifically chose Barcelona as their Customer Service hub.”

Cristina Castañeda, Head of Operational Excellence at Qonto

“By setting up our center in Barcelona, we’re opening ourselves to synergies with the customer support centers of other big businesses already present in the local market.”

Cristina Castañeda, Head of Operational Excellence at Qonto

“Setting up a hub in Barcelona gives us recruiters access to a very international and very qualified talent pool. As a result, we’ve been able to build out expert teams for each of our markets, as well as for our very specialized services (Onboarding, Tracking, Customer Delight, etc.). Our goal is to respond to our clients in a personalized way.”
Marjorie Boruel, Head of Recruitment at Qonto

Panama Harris
Panama is a Copywriter at Qonto with over 15 years' previous experience working as a freelancer around the world. Her mission is to take the mystery out of entrepreneurship and make it more accessible.
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