Create your own websites and apps. No coding necessary.

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By Mark Davis, June 22,2022

“A No-Code tool allows you to develop an app, automate manual tasks like recording invoices or create a website with its own integrated messaging platform, all without having to write a single line of code. No-Code tools are democratizing tech, to give access to all.”
Shubham Sharma
“The term ‘No-Code’ refers to platforms that let anyone, with no previous IT training, to build a perfectly functional product from scratch that they can then put on the market themselves.”
Maxime Champoux

“With No-Code tools, you have the chance to create a static site that will be enough for your business. If you provide a more thorough range of goods and services, you can even create more sophisticated sites with several pages and integrated instant messaging with which you can chat to customers in real time. You can find all that in one single package for a price that remains affordable.”
Shubham Sharma

“The objective according to Jean-Rémi Gratadour, Executive Director of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at HEC Paris, is to increase the chances of success while minimizing cost and risk.
This is a significant asset when you think of the number of trials a company has to go through to end up with a product that corresponds to customers’ expectations.”
Maxime Champoux

“Generally, programmers and IT consultancies are called upon for complex projects that require very personalized guidance. Also, if you want just a simple interface, bringing in advanced outside expertise can have unwanted consequences. For example, you may not have total control over the back-end of your website or app; No-Code solutions allow you to make whatever changes you need at any moment. Or, for instance, you might find yourself with a site or app that soon becomes obsolete; No-Code tools adapt over time to the customers’ expectations, which are constantly changing.
As the tech market is evolving rapidly, changes of habit can come around much faster than you would believe. That’s why it’s better not to commit to an overly-substantial investment when all you need is a simple interface that’s easy to use.”
Shubham Sharma

“Here are the main technical characteristics that let us know we’re dealing with a No-Code tool:
* An easy-to-use design interface that works by ‘drag and drop’ to add and place images or text on a page.
* The possibility to connect other services that allow you to interact with databases or other external sources of data.”
Maxime Champoux

“Freelancers and SMEs can truly gain in flexibility and financial performance thanks to No-Code tools. In a nutshell, you keep control at all times.”
Shubham Sharma
Key learnings
  1. No-Code tools are interfaces for building digital applications without needing to know how to code.
  2. No-Code tech is blossoming because the concept has reached maturity. Modern solutions are easier to use, more stable and fully stacked with features that meet today’s needs.
  3. There are no limits to No-Code. Only company culture can restrict the scope of its usage.

Mark Davis
Mark worked for 12 years in broadcast journalism before making the switch to business audiences. A Qontoer since 2021, his focus is on writing copy that speaks frankly and directly to customers.
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