Deposit your capital, even with legal entity shareholders

May 18, 2021 by Simon Fevry

Are you planning to create a new company with one or more corporate entity shareholders? It’s not easy to find online partners that understand and include this type of entity in their services.

At Qonto, you’re more than welcome! We enable you to create your company and support you to help your business grow at a pace that suits you.

One or more legal entity shareholders? Welcome to Qonto ✌️

Capital deposit shouldn’t be a taxing subject. We know that creating a new company is an important time for any entrepreneur or multi-entrepreneur. It’s the result of a period of reflection and investment, both in terms of time and often money. It’s also the start of an exciting adventure, on your own or with your team!

What’s more, we’re perfectly aware that there are many factors that influence the structure of your shareholding.

That’s precisely why capital deposit is now available for companies that have legal entities among their shareholders.

We work with the vast majority of legal statuses, and inform you at the start of the creation process of all the criteria for your capital deposit.

This all takes place on your Qonto interface. No need to go back and forth between different services to set up your business, then create your pro account. We support you from the creation of your company to the management of your finances.

Your capital deposit made simple 💫

Once the criteria on your Qonto interface have been validated, you can proceed to your capital deposit right away. Then it’s over to you!

The capital deposit process has been completely redesigned to save you time. Once you’ve set up your Qonto account, deposit your capital and receive your digital deposit certificate in 72 hours! And it’s all completely online!

Whether it’s your first business or one of many, don’t wait to carry out your 100% online share capital deposit!

In fact, capital deposit is just the first step! You’ll discover just how benefitting from a complete pro account from the beginning of your adventure and a truly simplified accounting and expense management process can save you time getting things done!

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