Depositing your share capital couldn't be easier

Deposit the share capital online to finalize your company registration

Finalize the creation of your company

Get your share deposit certificate within 3 days on average

With Qonto, deposit the share capital online and finalize your company registration. Get your deposit certificate within 3 working days of depositing your funds.

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Make the share deposit with a bank transfer

You can deposit the share capital with a simple transfer to your account. Then we'll release the funds to your Qonto account.

Deposit your capital

Enjoy your business account with Qonto

If you deposit the share capital with Qonto, you'll get a business account with a French IBAN.

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Advantages of the business account

Get a French IBAN in seconds

Mastercards and all the payment methods you'll ever need

Unlimited payment history updated in real time

No transfer commissions, no hidden fees

How to make the capital deposit of your company


Chose your legal status


Deposit your capital


Register your company

The share deposit. By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

"I created my company with Qonto. Opening an account only took me 10 minutes, while the customer service is excellent and the design user-friendly. I'm so happy with it!"

Géraldine Vivo

Founder @Louve

"Excellent service! Qonto made the creation of our SAS super easy. We could deposit the share capital online, and the customer service was really helpful. Today, we have full control of our accounts, bank transfers and payment cards directly on the app. It's perfect!"

Bastien Petit

Founder @Cashnotify

"We chose Qonto to create our SaaS company, and we are delighted! It was super easy to proceed with the share capital deposit online. Now I just enjoy using the app!"

Camille Roux

Founder @Merci Cookie

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Are you ready to deposit the share capital of your company? Whether you are a self-employed contractor or a small business made up of teams, Qonto is the business account that you need!