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January 22, 2020 by Hans Bousquet-Lafond
new qonto banking system

From the first and second floor of our Paris offices, the Qonto Tech and Product teams are working hard every week to improve the current account that you use on a daily basis.

Most of their hard work, however, goes unnoticed.

It happens behind the scenes on the app, the heart of the banking system. Today, we’ve decided to shed some light on their efforts which make all the difference.

What's happening behind the curtain (of your app)

Jean-Benoît is a Back-End Developer at Qonto.

His role is to ensure that your application runs smoothly. Every time you make an expense, he makes sure that the transaction is actually executed on your current account.

To this end, he works closely with Thaddée (among others). He's our Core Banking Expert in charge of our new banking platform (rightly called the Core Banking System).

It's this platform that connects Qonto to the various banking networks. If you are curious, we invite you to take a look at this article (everything is explained, without the incomprehensible technical details).

Both of them have focused on a key factor of this Core Banking System: speed.

A banking system faster than ever

Let's take an example: lunch break.

Around noon, tens of thousands of sandwiches and sushi trays are purchased. That means tens of thousands of transactions are processed simultaneously.

The same phenomenon that happens on the Paris (or Toulouse 😉) beltway at rush hour: (payment) traffic jams. Just as they slow you down in your car, these traffic jams increase the time it takes to process your transaction.

We built our CBS knowing that response times was a key element.
Pierre-Geoffroy Pasturel, Product Manager.

Let us explain: when you pay with your card, the terminal sends a request for payment authorization to the bank. If the response time is too slow, it interprets this as a refusal (even if you have plenty of funds in your account).

Our solution: a better management of the banking platform's resources.

With our own CBS, we can better manage the inflow of transactions, because we have a 100% exclusive resource.
- Jean-Benoît Hamard, Back-End Developer

In other words, whether you are 65,000 companies or 1 million, our platform will always have the resources to ensure that everyone can pay when they need it. So you can continue eating as many BLTs as you want, when you want.

Making the impossible possible

The major difference is the communication between what we call the Stack Ruby Back-End and the CBS. In other words, our application and the servers that power it interact better with our banking system.
Jean-Benoît Hamard, Back-End Developer

If you understand very little of this, don’t worry.

All you need to know is that, thanks to our CBS, we’re able to improve certain existing features. For example, we now give all your rejected direct debits a second chance.

What's more, this opens up a whole range of possibilities: payment cards adapted to everyone's needs, or even the possibility to manage several accounts from the same app.

We’ve already said too much, so keep it on the down-low.

Qonto will continue to evolve

More specifically, our new Core Banking System will continue to improve. We hope everyone will be able to benefit from it.

To this end, all our users will gradually be given a brand new account on our new Core Banking System. This applies primarily to the users who have been with us from the beginning. Hopefully, our Tech and Product teams (yes, them again) have done everything in their power to make sure this change goes as smoothly as possible.

No need to worry: if you are concerned by these technical changes, we will contact you. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks on our new platform. 🔜

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