Building our own banking platform from scratch

3 mins

By Lucie Casamitjana, June 17,2022

“I wanted to discover new challenges. To me, the banking industry needed to take big steps to offer a modern experience to businesses. Alex, Steve and Gabriel convinced me that they had a long-term vision, an eye for detail, a customer focus, and were above all ready to put the hard work in.”

“When I arrived at Qonto, I was developing the front-end (the graphic interface) and the back-end (data storage and the operation processing logic)For example, I added VAT amount selection to transactions.”

“Core Banking enables us to protect our customers’ accounts, while following the obligations that are part of our approval from the ACPR.We maintain a database, the accounting ledger, to explain the origin and destination of all fund movements.This database scrutinizes accounts to ensure that everything is in order.It reconciles accounts held by our partners, and makes the necessary transfers to protect customers’ funds (which is called confinement in the jargon)”.

“Our Core Banking system enables us to execute our customers and their partners’ transactions.We are connected to major interbanking networks such as SEPA, Mastercard and the French check network.Each one has its own set of rules.Our servers respond to card payments, apply direct debits, send transfers and guarantee that the information users read when they log in to their Qonto accounts is transmitted properly.”

“The team was built throughout 2018 and grew to reach ten people.Recruitment was not easy, but luckily we have a wonderful HR team that works relentlessly to help us recruit the best people!We have selected people of varied backgrounds, each with complementary expertise to bring to the whole team.We are also surrounded by banking professionals to put all the cards in our favor.”

Lucie Casamitjana
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