Connect: linking your finances and your business

September 15, 2020 by Lucie Casamitjana

Managing your finances is more than just receiving and sending payments in a current account; that’s why Qonto is launching Connect. This new space provides all kinds of tools linked to your account, as well as offers and payment solutions from partners to help you in your day-to-day business.

💜 Your current account connected to your favorite apps

Accounting, invoicing, cash flow, and even communications tools... Qonto is now connected to many of your favorite apps, so you can save time. Enjoy simpler processes and maintain control over your expenses. It’s so easy. 💪

Take, for example, accounting (a necessary evil). Qonto is connected to several accounting tools that collect all your transactions, receipts, invoices, and VAT information as you go about your business. Your finances and accounting tools communicate in real-time, so you can start looking forward to the end of the month. 😍

→ Discover the tools connected to your Qonto account

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 First-class partners only

In addition to offering tools that communicate with your current account, we’ve developed partner offerings that expand on your Qonto account services and adapt to your business needs.

From payment terminals to professional insurance, our teams have carefully selected only the best partners according to strict criteria: customer experience, transparent offering, and quality service.

🔒 Connected and secure

Connecting your account to your favorite tools is great, but only if it’s secure.

The tools linked to Qonto are authorized to collect only the information needed to automate a particular task. In no way can they access all the data from your current account or your money. All sensitive actions such as sending a transfer or ordering a card require confirmation from you via a code sent by SMS.

Had a change of heart? Withdraw access at any time with the simple click of a button in Qonto Connect or the third-party tool.

⚡️ Open Banking

We are now able to share certain information with trusted apps thanks to our API. Let’s skip the technical talk and simply say that it allows different apps to share information.

It enables us to connect your Qonto account with trusted partners securely. It is thanks to our API that we are able to synch your financial data with other tools in real time.

Connect is the next step in Qonto’s journey to be more closely connected to your business and needs. In the future, we will continue to introduce new connections to help entrepreneurs manage their daily affairs.

Have you developed an integration that you would like to have featured in Connect? Contact us at

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