Finance management tools connected to your needs

Connect saves you time by allowing you to link all your favorite tools to your Qonto account.



The app matches receipts and bank transactions and automatically creates your tax return from them.


Synchronize your transactions between Qonto and DATEV.


Invoicing and accounting software for companies.


The software solution for simplified accounting.


Take care of your freelancer taxes online, guided and stress free.


Your documents from trasfers collected via Stripe are automatically attached in Qonto.

Business and payments


Connect your Qonto account and manage and monitor your finances directly from the Prestahops back office.


Accept payments from customers via smartphone, tablet or desktop - no POS necessary.


Accept card payments in-store, online and on the go.

Finances and HR


Automate and make your cashflow management more reliable by connecting Qonto to Agicap.

Google Sheets

Retrieve all your Qonto transactions automatically in Google Sheets.


Request up to € 500,000 now in 4 easy steps without commitment.

Productivity and efficiency


Control your expenses and keep an eye on your finances from your workspace.


Access the most advanced scenarios to create professional integrations.


Automate your business processes in a simple and accessible way.

AWS Activate

Build on AWS and prepare for growth right as you start

Cloud services

Google Drive

Automatically import your receipts from Qonto into your Google Drive.

Qonto → Dropbox

Centralize your receipts in Qonto and easily access them from your Dropbox.


Automatically sort all your receipts by connecting your personal OneDrive account.


Store and share your receipts faster by automatically importing them into your Box.

Ready? Let’s go.

Need a business account? From self-employed workers to small business owners managing a team - Qonto is the all-in-one finance management tool for all types of enterprises.

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