DATEV x Qonto: your accounting made easy

  1. Fast and simple finance management with a German IBAN
  2. Seamless data exchange
  3. Give your tax advisor reliable access to your account information inreal-time
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Save time and effort with the DATEV integration

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Quick and simple setup

Set up your DATEV integration directly through your Qonto app. All you need is your computer (or smartphone).
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Minimal admin

Send your account transactions and account statement data to DATEV in just a few clicks; your transaction attachments are automatically synchronized to DATEV daily.
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Direct access for your tax advisor

Your tax advisor can now access up-to-date, accurate account data completely autonomously.
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Finances? Managed, with Qonto

  1. A secure business account with no hidden fees
  2. Accurate, real-time data exchange with your tax advisor
  3. Business Mastercards included in your plan
  4. Best-in-class customer service via chat, email and phone

Your all-in-one business account

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Open a 100% digital account in 10 minutes from your computer or smartphone.
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Your Qonto account evolves with you. Update or cancel your plan anytime.
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We mean it: no hidden fees, no transfer commissions, no obligations.
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Our Customer Success team is here to answer your questions 7 days a week.
Your money is safe with Qonto

Protection of deposits

Regulated payment institution

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The right card, for the right project

  1. Set spendlimits in real time.
  2. Pay securely thanks to 3-D Secure technology
  3. Set up individual PIN codes for each card
  4. Spend up to €200,000/month, withdraw up to €15,000/month

Set up your DATEV integration in 3 steps


Set up the integrations


Or let your accountant handle it


You’re all set

Pay for what you need. Whichever way you grow.

Ready? Let’s go.

Whether it's to examine the specific needs of your business, or to go over the benefits of Qonto's tools and features, we're here for you.

Your questions about the DATEV integrations

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