The business account with DATEV integrations

  1. Get fast, secure data transfers with seamless DATEV integrations from your business account
  2. Synchronize account transactions and receipts with your DATEV accounting software
  3. Connect to DATEV Unternehmen online with DATEV-Bankdatenservice via RZ-Bankinfo or PIN/TAN and DATEV Belegbilderservice
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Why integrate DATEV?

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Quick and simple setup

Connect directly thanks to Qonto’s integrations with DATEV Unternehmen online, DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen, DATEV Mittelstand Faktura, and more.
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Automatic updates for your tax advisor

No manual steps, no chasing: your tax advisor gets direct access to your account information in real time, in the right format.

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No missed deadlines, minimal admin

Automatically synchronize your account transactions and receipts daily, and initiate Qonto payments directly in your DATEV application.
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What are Datev integrations?

3 steps to set up the DATEV integration

Bridge the gap between business banking and accounting with the Qonto-DATEV partnership.

Open your account online

Set up your Qonto account online (all you need is a computer or smartphone). Upload a valid ID online and we’ll perform the necessary checks. 

Set up your connection

Get ready to put your finances on autopilot. Add your Qonto business account via your DATEV app, and then select the desired DATEV integration in your Qonto desktop app under Integrations. 

Synchronize Qonto and DATEV

Transfer your transaction data securely via DATEV Bankdatenservice via RZ-Bankinfo or PIN/TAN, and synchronize your receipts with DATEV Belegbilderservice-Rechnungswesen.

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DATEV Bankdatenservice via RZ-Bankinfo

Transfer your account transactions automatically and securely via EBICS. Your tax advisor can now access up-to-date, accurate account statement data via the DATEV data center - no exports needed. 

Official DATEV integrations: secure, automatic data exchange

For transactions

For receipts

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You’re in good hands

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Secure funds

Your funds are protected according to the applicable rules and regulations

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Guaranteed deposits

Up to €100,000 by the French Deposit Guarantee and Resolution Fund

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Secure transactions

Thanks to 3D-Secure and double authentication

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Data protection

Your personal data is protected under GDPR and is SSL-encrypted

Pay for what you need. Whichever way you grow.

Open your business account with DATEV integrations

As a DATEV marketplace interface partner, Qonto has everything you need to manage your finances efficiently.
But don’t just take our word for it. 

Try it free for 30 days.

Your questions about the DATEV integrations

What are DATEV integrations?

How do I synchronize my Qonto transactions with DATEV?

How to synchronize attachments between DATEV and Qonto?

What are the advantages of a business account with DATEV interface?

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