We secure your current account

At Qonto, we have developed a set of features to help you protect your account on a daily basis.

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What is phishing?

Phishing consists of stealing personal information such as passwords and card numbers through fake e-mails or fake login pages.

Keep your eyes open, some fraudsters don't hesitate to imitate our e-mails or login pages to impersonate us.

You're wondering how to identify a phishing attack?

Security tips to protect you

Qonto makes it easy to manage your day-to-day finances and provides you with a range of features to protect your account and transactions.

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Personalize your PIN code

Choose your PIN code so you never forget it again. Need to change it? You can change it at any time in a few clicks from your Qonto application.
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Block your card in one click

Block your card temporarily or definitely from your app. Simply declare it as lost and then order a new one.
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Configure your cards

Withdrawals, contactless, or payments abroad? Activate the payment features you need in real time and then deactivate them.
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3D Secure (3DS2)

Need to purchase something online? We send you a confirmation code by SMS to confirm the payment and we make sure it's you.
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Strong customer authentication (SCA)

Need to initiate a card payment or a transfer? Your operations on Qonto are protected both by a password and thanks to your paired phone.
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Your expenses in real-time

Receive real-time notification on your phone or by e-mail after any payment. You don't recognize one of them? Please contact us.
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Information you shouldn't share with others

For your security, here are the information you should never give by phone or e-mail: password, confirmation code received by SMS, card numbers and token.

Our teams will never contact you by e-mail to ask for any of this information.

You've been phished?

  1. Sign in to your account, then change your password and block your cards without delay.
  2. Having any trouble signing in? Contact us at phishing@qonto.com, our teams will help you secure your account.
  3. Forward us the e-mail that caused the attack to help us identify it.
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