Take control of your cash flow

Open multiple accounts with dedicated IBANs to separate your expense items, activities, and create team budgets

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Organize your expense items

  1. Put money aside by creating multiple accounts for your most common expenses and manage your company's cash flow as you see fit.
  2. Save for taxes, payroll, travel expenses, supplier payments...
  3. Secure funds you shouldn't spend.

Allocate team budgets and track expenses

  1. Empower your teams and keep control over each department's spend.
  2. Make sure recurring payments come from the right budget.
  3. Configure employee cards to their team's balance.
  4. Centralize your external accounts and oversee all your transactions and cash flow together

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No more manual errors and budget overruns

Powerful sub-accounts for all your needs

  1. A dedicated local IBAN for each sub-account, and unlimited payment cards.
  2. Mastercards for your employees and to pay for one-off or recurring expenses.
  3. Transfers all over the world: SEPA instant transfers and direct debits.
  4. Dedicated account statements.

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Get a dedicated account for each of your activities

  1. Is your company handling several activities? Open an account for each of them to see things clearly.
  2. Separate the finances of your different activities
  3. Local IBAN

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