Effortless bookkeeping

Now there’s a better way to get your bookkeeping done. Say goodbye to receipt reminders and mountains of paperwork.

Prepare your bookkeeping in no time

Upload scans of your receipts in a just few clicks or taps

Automate your supplier invoice processing and data entry

Connect your accounting software with your Qonto account and accelerate the reconciliation process

The business account that makes bookkeeping easy




We’ll handle your receipts

Bin your paper receipts

Scan your receipts instead: they’re still certified and hold the same legal weight as their paper counterparts.

Automatic supplier invoice processing

Import your supplier invoices to Qonto from your desktop, inbox, Google Drive, Dropbox — they’ll be instantly linked to the right transaction.

Automatic VAT detection

No more manual VAT entry: let us detect it automatically so you can save time on your bookkeeping.

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Your time is precious

Automate VAT and labels

Just enter your supplier data once. After that, all related transactions will be classified automatically.

No more hunting missing receipts

Qonto automatically follows up on missing receipts so you can use your time more efficiently.

Your receipts are processed for you

Zapier and Integromat automations will send your receipts directly to your Qonto account.

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Keep your accountant happy: Qonto is connected to 80 accounting tools

With such a range of available tools, your accountant already has everything they need. Qonto Connect makes data collection a breeze, with no need to import and export accounting files.

Qonto, the all-in-one current account to manage all your finances

A complete business account

A fast and intuitive online business account with unlimited, real-time transaction history.

All your invoicing in one place

Create, send, track & centralize all invoices, both payable and receivable.

The payment methods you need

Card payments, direct debits, instant SEPA transfers, SWIFT, Apple Pay, Google Pay...

Simplified team spend

Easy, fast approval flow for your team’s expense requests, by card & transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is probative value certification?

Can I really throw away my receipts?

How does Qonto authenticate my receipts?

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