Instant transfers: from account to account in 10 seconds

Instant bank transfers help you avoid late payment fees and blocked orders. 

The money you send arrives at its destination in instantly, and so does the money others send you. At no additional cost. Whenever you want, wherever you are.

Over 450,000 companies trust Qonto
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Enjoy a new era of bank transfers

  1. Collect bills & pay suppliers in under 10 seconds
  2. Make immediate transfers whenever you want, 24/7
  3. Higher limits: transfer up to €30,000 at no extra cost
  4. Transfer across the SEPA zone on any device

You’re in good hands

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Your funds are held securely by Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and covered by the FGDR up to €100,000.
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Questions come at any time. So we’re here 24/7 to answer them.
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Qonto is a payment establishment supervised by the ACPR, an organ of the Banque de France.
3 reasons to switch to instant bank transfers

Save time

Strengthen trust with your partners

You can focus on your business

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How to make an instant SEPA transfer with Qonto

Transferring instantly is just like transferring normally. But it’s instant.

Log in to your account

From desktop or your mobile app, go to the Transfers tab, click on Make a transfer then select External transfer in euros.

Enter the payment details

Enter the beneficiary's details, transfer amount & reference number. Or just upload the payable invoice to your Supplier Invoices section and this data is pre-filled for you.

Check your SEPA transfer details

Instant transfers are irreversible. Always double check the bank details and the transfer amount before approving the transaction.

Make foreign currency SWIFT transfers

Need to pay your suppliers in foreign currency? With Qonto, you can make SWIFT transfers in 25 currencies in a 5-day delivery time.

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All you need to know about instant bank transfers

How long do instant bank transfers take?

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What’s the maximum amount you can send by instant transfer (recurrent, occasional or deferred)?

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What are the advantages compared to normal transfers?

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How do instant transfers work?

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Which banks offer instant transfers?

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Can you cancel an instant transfer?

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