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Qonto is a DATEV Marketplace interface partner and is TÜV-certified for software quality.

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Business Mastercards

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SEPA instant transfers and direct debits

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Apple Pay & Google Pay

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SumUp x Qonto: your mobile POS terminal

The best of Mastercard Business

  1. Contactless payments of up to €50
  2. 3D-Secure protection: 3DS2 technology ensures payment safety
  3. Customisable PIN code:easily accessible in-app
  4. Block your card instantly: it only takes one click to secure your account
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Send and receive payments worldwide

Instant SEPA payments

SWIFT transfers

Pay salaries all at once

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Mobile payments. No cards required.

Thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can pay on the go with your smartphone. It’s safe and lightning-fast.

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