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Business Mastercards

SEPA instant transfers and direct debits

Apple Pay & Google Pay

SumUp x Qonto: your mobile POS terminal

Custom cards for everyone, whichever option you choose

With insurance to cover you when you need it.

The best of Mastercard Business

  1. Contactless payments of up to €50
  2. 3D-Secure protection: 3DS2 technology ensures payment safety
  3. Customisable PIN code:easily accessible in-app
  4. Lock and unlock your card instantly: it only takes one click to block it and secure your account
Send and receive payments worldwide

Instant SEPA payments

SWIFT transfers

Pay salaries all at once

Mobile payments. No cards required.

Thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can pay on the go with your smartphone. It’s safe and lightning-fast.

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