Qonto's Affiliate Program

We love our affiliates and are always looking for new connections. Get in touch with our affiliate program managers if you want to jump onboard.

Benefits for our affiliated partners

We love to collaborate with companies that share our vision and values. We are always looking for new partners.

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Why Qonto?

  1. Over 300,000 satisfied customers and excellent Android & App Store ratings.
  2. Well-known investors have invested €622 million in Qonto.
  3. Constant updates & new features for complete customer satisfaction
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Fees & revenues

  1. Attractive compensation for each lead (completed registration)
  2. Bonus for each activated account (first incoming referral).
  3. 30-day cookie runtime
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  1. Leads have 30 days to make their first referral.
  2. One-on-one customer support at affiliate@qonto.com.
  3. Media kit and automatic tracking link.
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What is Qonto's affiliation program?

If I'm new to affiliation and don't know the key terms, where can I go to learn more?

Is my website eligible for Qonto's program?

Dos/Don'ts of affiliation

Are there any fees?

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