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SWIFT/BIC codes always follow a specific format. This means that we can determine whether your code is valid or not and show you what the individual parts of the code stand for.

Enter a BIC / SWIFT code to find out if it's correct and which bank it belongs to.
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Please note that we're unable to confirm the existence of this code or verify if it's the precise SWIFT code for the intended account.


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How is the SWIFT code organized?

A SWIFT/BIC is a unique 8-11 character code that identifies your bank, country, city, and branch.

  1. Bank code: The first four letters stands for the bank name. Most of the time, these are a short version of their full-length name.
  2. Country code: The two following letters stands for the country name, where the bank is located.
  3. Location code: These two characters are a letter and a number. These points out the location of the bank's headquarter.
  4. Branch code: The three last characters details the branch bank. If you see "XXX", this means that you have the SWIFT code of the bank's headquarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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