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Testimonial François Vasnier

"The best solution to start your own business as a freelancer? Qonto! It's really easy to open an account where you can find all the traditional bank services through a user-friendly interface."

François Vasnier

Freelance Engineer
Testimonial Bertrand Marron

"I left my traditional bank account. I chose Qonto for its pricing and ease of use. As a freelance developer, I like running all my finances from one simple interface, 100% online."

Bertrand Marron

Freelance Developer
Testimonial Jean-Charles Guichard

"Finally an entrepreneur-friendly banking service with transparent pricing"

Jean-Charles Guichard

Freelance Videographer


Testimonial Jean-Charles Samuelian

"Qonto is 100% aligned with what we are building at Alan: a service easy to use, a user-friendly interface and a very responsive customer support"

Jean-Charles Samuelian

CEO @Alan
Testimonial Laure Dipoko

"Thanks to Qonto, the agency's expense management is simpler than ever before. We can track all card expenses, easily manage limits and view our entire transaction history – all of that in real-time! Our employees can upload transaction receipts directly into their account, which simplifies our accounting significantly each month."

Laure Dipoko

Office Manager @Black Lemon
Testimonial Anastasia Cowez

"We share the same ambition with Qonto: making freelancers' lives easier. We're happy that there's finally a collaborative platform that enables opening an account in only 5 minutes. It's so easy and fast!"

Anastasia Cowez

CFO @Comet

Company creators

Testimonial Géraldine Vivo

"I created my company with Qonto. Opening an account only took me 10 minutes, while the customer service is excellent and the design user-friendly. I'm so happy with it!"

Géraldine Vivo

Founder @Louve
Testimonial Bastien Petit

"Excellent service! Qonto made the creation of our SAS super easy. We could deposit the share capital online, and the customer service was really helpful. Today, we have full control of our accounts, bank transfers and payment cards directly on the app. It's perfect!"

Bastien Petit

Founder @Cashnotify
Testimonial Camille Roux

"We chose Qonto to create our SaaS company, and we are delighted! It was super easy to proceed with the share capital deposit online. Now I just enjoy using the app!"

Camille Roux

Founder @Merci Cookie

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