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Fully automate your accounting and manage your self-employed business in real-time!

AXA / Easyblue

Discover the risks for your business with the Easyblue coach, and get insured in just 4 minutes!


Sync your transactions and receipts with Axonaut for a simplified accounting process.

Ça Compte Pour Moi

No more lost receipts or entry errors. Managing your accounting just got easier!

Compta Clémentine

Automatically retrieve your transactions and their attachments to analyze your activity in real time.
Synchronize your Qonto business account with Datev


Synchronize your Qonto business account with Datev


The transactions and supporting documents are automatically sent to Dougs. 


With Edebex, reduce the payment delays of your clients and gain cash flow.


Process automation
Access the most advanced scenarios to create professional integrations.
JePilote accounting


For simplified accounting, your Qonto transactions are automatically synced with JePilote.


Retrieve all of your bank transactions and receipts, and simplify your accounting process!
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Pay up to 400 salaries in just a few clicks from PayFit. It's simple and secure.


With Pennylane, retrieve your transactions automatically, and manage your supplier payments.


Retrieve all of your bank transactions and manage your business effectively!


Control your expenses and keep an eye on your finances from your workspace!
Take care of your freelancer taxes online, guided and stress free.


Take care of your freelancer taxes online, guided and stress free.


Take advantage of a savings solution for your business.


Process automation
Automate your business processes in a simple and accessible way.


POS terminal
Get paid by your customers wherever you are. No subscription, no commitment.


What does open banking stand for?

Open Banking allows banks and payment institutions to share certain banking data with other players. In this context, Qonto developed its own Banking API. It allows all your favorite business applications to communicate directly with your Qonto account to retrieve certain information.

Of course, this is never done at the expense of your security. The tools connected with Qonto are only allowed to collect the information needed. These tools do not have access to all of your current account information and money. All sensitive actions such as making a payment, for example, are only possible with your consent.

How does Qonto choose its partners?

In addition to a catalog of connected tools that communicate directly with your current account to save you precious time, we have developed partner and payment solution offers to complete your Qonto account and adapt us to the needs of your business.

From POS solutions to business insurances, our teams have chosen the most relevant partners for your business based on specific criteria: customer experience, transparent offer, and quality of service.

How does Qonto help me prepare my accounting?

In addition to helping you manage your day-to-day finances, Qonto also helps you prepare your accounting. After each expense, you have the option of adding the receipt or invoice to the corresponding transaction. The VAT information (rate and amount) is automatically detected. All you have to do is to confirm it and the VAT information will appear on your accounting export (or automatically retrieve into your accounting tool if you have connected it to Qonto).

To make it easier for you to communicate with your accountant, you can invite him or her to join you on Qonto. Your accountant will then have access to your transaction history (with no time limit) and export it in the relevant format.

How do I connect my Qonto account to my accounting tool?

More than 50 accounting tools are connected with Qonto. From Connect you will find the ones that we have verified and that will allow you to get the best-automated accounting experience.

To connect your Qonto account to your accounting tool, simply enter the following information in your accounting tool:

- Your login and your secret API key

- Your Qonto email and password


Are you ready to open a business account for your company? Whether you are a self-employed contractor or a small business with a team, be sure that Qonto is the business account that you need!