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Connect your Qonto account and manage and monitor your finances directly from the Prestashop back office.


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➡️ Get started with Qonto and PrestaShop

Open your first Qonto professional account for your activity and configure it on PrestaShop. Once the module is in place, you can track your expenses, easily control your balance and your first cash inflows / outflows directly in your PrestaShop dashboard.

Qonto and Prestashop support you to develop your team and your business in France, Italy, Spain and Germany by offering you local IBANs and multilingual customer support. Manage all your accounts directly from the PrestaShop dashboard, add your employees to the Qonto account with specific rights to easily manage your expenses, individually or as a team.

This 100% secure integration guarantees you a smooth experience. View your transactions in real time and take advantage of many shortcuts to carry out your Qonto management operations, directly from your PrestaShop back office.

DSP2: our module is fully compatible with DSP2, without any action on your part.

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Not a Qonto customer? Qonto offers two months to PrestaShop customers using the voucher: PRESTASHOP2M.

Already a Qonto customer? Download your Qonto module on PrestaShop to benefit from all functionalities.

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