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Manage your expenses by linking QuickBooks to your Qonto account. All your transactions are imported to your accountant interface automatically.

With QuickBooks, you can monitor all your key indicators in real-time through customizable dashboards. Invoice your customers, send reminders, and monitor outstanding accounts.

Every operation done in QuickBooks is translated into an accounting record automatically. Grant your accountant access to QuickBooks to collaborate better and keep your accounts up-to-date.

The connection is in compliance with the new PSD2 directive and guarantees a high level of security for your customer data.

Feedback from our users

I’ve been using QuickBooks to manage our association for over two years. I love how easy it is to access, enter information, and follow up with the team, especially for someone with limited accounting knowledge.

Clotilde Locqueville - Alpha-Talenthéo

In the blink of an eye, I can send customized invoices and automatic reminders to my customers, so I am always up-to-date!

Laurent Garnier - Founder of Webnetiks

In just a few clicks, QuickBooks helped me set up automatic reports on my company’s cash flow and profitability. It’s simple and efficient. It was time!

Bastien Rassat - Co-founder of appstud.com

We use QuickBooks along with my accountant. This solution enables us to collaborate more effectively and to automate a number of tasks.

Stanislas Almeida - Co-founder of Orson.io

About Quickbooks

QuickBooks France is the most widely used accounting and invoicing tool by French micro businesses and SMEs, and is fully compliant with the 2018 anti-fraud legislation. Based in Paris, QuickBooks France is part of the Intuit Group, created in 1983.