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Coinhouse can help you grow your cash surplus by investing in crypto currencies. Be guided by an expert in the field or enhance your own crypto currency know-how by delving into personalized content that keeps you up to date with market trends. Discover this new investment opportunity that won’t have you worrying about the security of your funds.

Enjoy free access to Coinhouse for one year as well as reduced fees on your transactions (2.49% instead of 2.99% on all purchases and sales of crypto assets). Plus, you can boost your crypto expertise with market analyses, research notes and newsletters that give you the low-down on crypto asset markets.

About Coinhouse

Coinhouse is a French company that has been offering crypto currency transaction and asset management since 2015. It was the first digital asset service provider to be registered with France’s Autorité des Marchés Financiers regulator. Coinhouse observes the highest standards of security, so your investment remains protected at all times. Your funds are stocked in secure digital safes that are only accessible via your account.