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The transactions and supporting documents are automatically sent to Dougs. 
Feedback from our users
The interlinking between my bank and my accountant was a key point for me. Both solutions are synched, and the documents entered into Qonto are sent to Dougs automatically, leaving me with hardly anything to do, which suits me just fine! When you work for yourself, as a freelancer or entrepreneur, you want to focus on the core of your business without getting bogged down in the details. Thanks to Qonto and Dougs, I have peace of mind and I save time: I get involved only when I need to. It is the best way to work nowadays!
Greg Lhotellier - Founder of Swift Paris Jobs
Everything was automatic, and I didn’t have to do a thing; for me, it was perfect! For the day-to-day, what stood out to me was how simple and convenient it was, as everything is sent from Qonto to Dougs automatically. This saves time, which is exactly what I’m looking for.
Mehdi Benadda - Freelance developer
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