Compta Clémentine + Qonto

Automatically retrieve your transactions and their attachments to analyze your activity in real time.


Made by Compta Clémentine

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  • Accounting

Transactions, attachments and VAT rates available in your Qonto account will automatically appear within your Clémentine space. You will not need to enter the same information twice, so you can focus on piloting your activity.

About Compta Clémentine

Clémentine is an online certified accountant, adapted to every company size. Their solution combines human service with a software that doesn’t require any accounting knowledge, to manage your business simply and efficiently.

Thanks to its web and mobile app, Clémentine allows its users to bill their clients, analyse their activity, store your expense reports and mileage allowances and anticipate the future with a cash-flow budgeting tool.