Notion + Qonto

Connect your Qonto account to your Notion workspace to create advanced financial dashboards


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  • Cash flow management

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We’ve integrated Qonto and Notion so now you can not only simplify the tracking and in-depth analysis of your transactions, but also you can set up your own advanced processes.

Once the integration is installed, you’ll immediately be able to access a database with all your transaction information (e.g. date settled, VAT, category), that’s automatically generated based off of your Qonto transactions.

You can then edit your workspace and create internal processes that fit your organization’s requirements and needs: enrich your database with additional criteria to increase the precision of your analyses, add calculations to simplify your daily work (e.g. VAT), create alerts for selected transactions... The sky’s the limit!

You can also share the pages with anyone that needs access to this data within your organization, even if they don’t have direct access to Qonto.

You can easily connect your accounts with Notion, directly from the Connect section of Qonto! Just click on Connect on the top right corner of the Notion page, and follow a few easy steps.

Once the 'Qonto Transactions' database has been created in Notion, all your transactions are synchronized every hour.

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