Sage X3

Configure an EBICS connection with Sage X3 — included in your Qonto plan, no hidden fees.


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☝️This feature is available for our Business and Enterprise packages.

Lightning-fast setup

While configuring an EBICS connection can take a month at a traditional bank, on Qonto you can get set up in under a week. Generate the certificates needed to get started in just one click, and with no added configuration fees.

Automated bank statement retrieval

Automatically and reliably retrieve your bank statements from Qonto in Sage X3, so you can streamline your bookkeeping and manage business operations with peace of mind.

Quick and secure payment initiation

Easily initiate payments in Qonto from Sage X3. Maintain the validation workflows you already have set up in Sage — and get added security thanks to a validation and alerting in Qonto.