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A business account that’s actually built for freelancers, with a Mastercard to match. Making your expenses effortless and accounting even easier. To help you focus on the things that matter.

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No more missing receipts

Scan receipts digitally and apply the right VAT rate to prepare your accounting.

Automated, in one place.

Synchronize all your accounts, expenses, receipts and VAT in real time, online.

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All your invoicing in one place.

Save time and collect payments from clients faster

Create and share your invoices in just a few clicks

Follow your payments close up

Leave your card at home with mobile payments

If you like to go cardless, it’s easy to connect your Qonto card to Apple Pay or Google Pay™ for safe and speedy payments on the move.

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An account made for freelancers

The best solution to start your own business as a freelancer? Qonto! It's really easy to open an account where you can find all the traditional bank services through a user-friendly interface.

François Vasnier — Freelance Engineer

"I left my traditional bank account. I chose Qonto for its pricing and ease of use. As a Freelance Developer, I like running all my finances from one simple interface, 100% online."

Bertrand Marron — Freelance Developer

For a freelancer, traditional banks are really archaic. With Qonto, I know exactly how much I pay for every service I need.

Jean-Charles Guichard — Freelance Videographer

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All our best accounting features with priority support, whenever you need it.

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