Keep control over team spend

Set customized spending limits for each user and payment method. No more worrying about running over budget - just total control over your team spend.

Delegate with peace of mind

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Customized limits

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Requests and approval

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Single-use cards

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Real-time tracking

Spending, managed. At all times.

Iconography Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Forget the stress of budget overruns - your spending stays firmly under your control.
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Adapt payment limits and access rights in real time, for each user and each payment method.
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Get a clear view of all your spending.At any time, wherever you are.

Stay protected from running over budget

Fully customizable cards

Transfer payment limits

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Single-use Instant Cards

Easily check and approve high-value spend requests

  1. Let your staff request payment methods directly from the Qonto app.
  2. Delegate oversight of certain expense requests to your managers, within limits you set in advance.
  3. Check and approve exceptional or high-value purchases in just a few clicks.
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Keep total visibility over all your business spend

  1. Get a clear vision of your transaction history at a glance.
  2. See a breakdown of spend per user and per team via your dashboard.
  3. Forecast team expenses, prepare budgets, and adapt your fixed limits when necessary.

Ready to boss your team expenses?

Make managing your finances simpler thanks to efficient control over team spend.