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Why join Qonto?

The Qonto adventure was born of our own experience: as new entrepreneurs, we were frustrated with traditional banks. Their services were time-consuming and complex, and the tools we were given were not suited to small, modern companies. So we started to build an easy business banking solution ourselves. Of all that we've achieved since 2016, our talented team remains our greatest source of pride. Qontoers come from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about creating the best product, one with a strong impact and a great user experience.

If you're looking to be part of an ambitious team that's modernizing a dusty industry through design & technology combined with great customer care, get in touch!

Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi – Co-founders @Qonto 

Our values

The Qonto Way

To find out more about our culture, our working methods and to better understand how we operate on a daily basis, we invite you to discover our video, blog and related articles.

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Diversity and inclusion lies at the heart of Qonto.

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43% female

presence in leadership teams
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44% female workforce

(vs 37% in the Tech sector generally)
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50% of Qontoers

are non-French
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Over 75 nationalities

(and counting...)
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Championing people, protecting our planet

Want to work for a company where a better world is everyone’s business? 

Benefits at Qonto

We love to see our team happy, healthy, and enjoying their work. And that goes beyond simply offering competitive salaries.

So, we’ve developed a jam-packed benefits bundle that rewards excellence, supports Qontoers’ well-being, and keeps us all growing, together.

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Benefits at Qonto

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Spot Icon Salaries

Competitive salaries

Salaries benchmarked above the industry median, for pay that reflects and respects each role’s skills.

Spot Icon Hybrid Contracts

Hybrid contracts

On a hybrid contract, work 3 office days/week, up to 2 days remote + 12 bonus remote days/year (+/- 3 hours CET).

Spot Icon Remote Contract

Fully remote contracts

On a fully remote contract, work 100% from home (in 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇮🇹, 🇷🇸, or 🇪🇸). We’ll send you the IT kit you need.

Spot Icon Travel Policy

Travel policy

Those on a custom contract can visit their team’s office at least once a quarter, with expenses covered by us.

Spot Icon Health Insurance

Private health insurance

Comprehensive private health insurance. Due to provider availability, this benefit doesn’t apply in 🇩🇪.

Spot Icon Mental Care

Mental health care

Mental health support, with 4 psychologist sessions/year, and workshops facilitated by

Spot Icon Sports Wellness

Sports & wellness pass

Sports and wellness sessions subsidized with a pass (Gymlib in 🇫🇷, UrbanSport in 🇩🇪 & 🇪🇸, Fitprime in 🇮🇹, Fitpass in 🇷🇸).

Spot Icon Parental Leave

Parental leave & support program

Paid leave, support programs, and childcare benefits with selected partners, for a smooth transition into parenthood.

Spot Icon Disability Policy

Disability policy

Paid leave and support programs for Qontoers with disabilities and those with family caregiving responsibilities.

Spot Icon Computer

MacBook for everyone

The latest Apple MacBook with a custom configuration.

Spot Icon Transport Contribuitions

Travel contributions

At least 50% of your travel subscription costs between home and the office paid for by Qonto.

Spot Icon Meal Vouchers

Meal vouchers

Your food, funded, with lunch vouchers (meal allowance in 🇷🇸): 🇫🇷 Swile card, 🇩🇪 HRMONY APP,🇪🇸 🇮🇹 Edenred

Spot Icon Serviced Offices

Serviced offices

Well-appointed offices, with IT equipment, free snacks and drinks, meeting rooms, and focus areas.

Spot Icon Puzzle

Team building

Regular socials - from mini golf to pottery-making - to bring team members together outside of the office.

Spot Icon Add Member

Referral program

Participate in Qonto’s growth: if someone you’ve recommended gets hired at Qonto, you’ll earn a financial bonus.

Spot Icon All Hands


A monthly session where we come together to celebrate Qonto's successes and share updates on company projects - followed by an after-work social.

Spot Icon Flag


A one-day Summit in 3 hubs (Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris) with presentations, guest speakers - and a party. 

Spot Icon Party

Annual party

Summer and winter parties, with a designated theme that’s shared across our offices.

Spot Icon Qontoversary


Milestones matter. We celebrate each Qontoers’ work anniversary, with a voucher to say ‘Happy Qontoversary!’

Spot Icon Microphone

Fireside Chats

A regular series of intimate talks with inspiring industry speakers.

Spot Icon Skills

Skills mastery

The right role-specific training at the right time, based on your needs - from 1:1 mentoring to industry programs.

Spot Icon Language Learn

Language learning

Access to 1:1 language lessons and self-led learning modules for any of the languages spoken at Qonto. 

Spot Icon Rocket


Qonto’s own EmpowerU Academy, dedicated to honing your communication and collaboration skills.

Spot Icon Leadership

Leadership training

A comprehensive Management Academy to equip you with the skills you need to thrive as a manager. 

Spot Icon Impact

Impact Academy

Powerful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Sustainability workshops - with the option to become a trainer yourself!

We're not just colleagues. We're a team.

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Work with a team that's rich in talent

Our team has helped us earn the trust of more than 500,000 customers. Each Qontoer goes the extra mile to overcome challenges and reinforce Qonto's values and growth.

Join us and help create the finance solution that energizes SMEs and freelancers.

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