Fast track your expense reports

Manage your expense reports 4x faster and focus on the tasks that bring true added value to your business.

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Win back time

  1. Say goodbye to manual data entry and error-ridden spreadsheets.
  2. Stop chasing after missing receipts. Centralize them in a single app.
  3. No juggling between different tools. Track all expenses accurately on Qonto.
  4. Stand out from other employers with faster reimbursements.

Why choose our online solution?

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4x faster

Get expenses and reimbursements done quicker.
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Our expense report management solution is included in Business and Enterprise plans.
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Create and approve expense reports via the mobile app in just a few taps.

Free up your teams

  1. No more wasted time preparing an expense report on paper or Excel.
  2. No more piled up receipts. A simple photo will do the trick.
  3. No more hold-ups on reimbursements. Employees get their money back in under 2 days on average.
  4. No more cost counting after a trip. Employees can submit expense reports on the mobile app, on the go.

How do you manage your expense reports on Qonto?

Ready to win back time on your expense reports? Qonto will help lighten your workload.

Set permissions for your employees

Read-only access allows staff to request reimbursement without touching company financial data.

Approve submitted expenses

Easily view expense reports awaiting approval via the Requests tab.

Instantly reimburse your teams

Instant transfers to employees’ IBANs the moment their expenses are approved.

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Make life easier for your accountant

  1. Synchronize your transactions with over 80 accounting tools.
  2. Group your invoices according to expense type using custom labels.
  3. Import your invoices and we'll match them to the right transactions.
  4. Grant read-only access to your accountant.

Benefits for every employee

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Finance manager

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Keep control over your company's expenses while freeing up time for your employees.
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Race through your accounting paperwork by centralizing all your entries and supporting documents in a single platform.
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Breeze through your expense reports and get reimbursed faster.
Discover roles and access

Learn how to manage your expense reports

Who manages expense reports in a company?

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What software can I use to manage my expense reports?

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What business expenses are reimbursable for employees?

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Actual expenses or flat-rate deduction: what type of reimbursement should be applied?

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How do I report a lost expense report?

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